Event Overview


Hey team! Thanks for coming on board to help move this mission forward. Below is a deep dive and overview of the conference. In our 1-day session we’ll take a deep dive in 6 key areas of entrepreneurship.

We’re combining Biblical principles with Business school teachings that will help bring clarity to an entrepreneurs and small business owners calling, direction on how to create a business plan, and strategic communication tools and tactics.

This conference is not simply about a changing the view of Kingdom meets Marketplace, it has been structured to help with fundamental business practices in the following areas:



Discerning your call and direction may be one of the most difficult parts of business ownership; and we understand. Building a business requires time and financial resources that a growing business may not have an abundance of. At times, you’ll feel that you’re constantly starting over again. The process of value proposition is a tough journey to endure if you do not understand its importance and that’s where InHer Garden wants to help you. Together we’ll cover a model designed to map your growth progress while reflecting on Biblical teachings that we can surely lean on that help you through the endless process of business evolution.