Event Overview


Hey team! Thanks for coming on board to help move this mission forward. Below is a deep dive and overview of the conference. In our 1-day session we’ll take a deep dive in 6 key areas of entrepreneurship.

We’re combining Biblical principles with Business school teachings that will help bring clarity to an entrepreneurs and small business owners calling, direction on how to create a business plan, and strategic communication tools and tactics.

This conference is not simply about a changing the view of Kingdom meets Marketplace, it has been structured to help with fundamental business practices in the following areas:


Prayer & Mentorship

Prayer is an important part of any business strategy, especially as a Kingdom-minded entrepreneur. You understand that your steps are ordered by God and most importantly He is the CEO of your company! Jesus is the ultimate Chief Strategy Officer, not kidding! We cannot do the impossible in our own strength, and oftentimes we have seen other small businesses and entrepreneurs struggle due to this exact point. When we depend and lean on our ultimate CEO we are reminded daily of His power, grace, and favor. Running a business is tough but God leads and guides us to those who can speak life over us in moments of His silence.